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July 20, 2015: Article in The Herald Sun (Durham, NC), “Mother of charter schools says myths drive critics” (Ember’s keynote address)

July 15, 2015: Article in The News & Observer (Raleigh, NC), “NC charter school conference coming to Durham” (Ember to give keynote address)

May 22, 2015: Article by Ember in MinnPost, “Could public school choice for pre-k be a solution to the budget impasse?

May 7, 2015: Article in Guam Pacific Daily News, “Junge Offers Tips on Local Charter Schools

May 5, 2015: Interview with Host Phill Leon Guerrero on Newstalk K-57, Pacific News Center

May 5, 2015: Story and video from Pacific News Center, “Author of First Charter School Bill on Guam to Celebrate National Charter Schools Week

May 5, 2015: Article in Marianas Variety Guam Edition, “Former Minnesota State Senator to Visit Guam

May 4, 2015: Story from KUAM News, “Guam Celebrates First-Ever Charter School Week

May 4, 2015: Story from KUAM News, “Guam Joins Country in Celebrating Charter Schools

May 4, 2015: Article in Guam Pacific Daily News, “Guam Welcomes Originator of Charter School Law

May 2, 2015: Story from KUAM News, “First Charter School Week Starts Monday

April 25, 2015: Article in Marianas Variety Guam Edition, “GWCC Features Former MN Senator at Meeting

July 17, 2014: Article in MINNPOST: “Ember Reichgott Junge confronts seven myths and misconceptions about charter schools

July 2, 2014: Article in “Joe Nathan Column: ‘Breaking Bad’ actor emphasizes need for school choices

April 11, 2014: Article in Duluth News Tribune: “Early champion of Minnesota’s charter schools sees room for growth

April 7, 2014: News Release: “Ember Reichgott Junge to Speak at North Star Academy April 15


February 2014: Article in Phi Delta Kappan Magazine: “Charter Schools: Options & Expectations

February 10, 2014: Article in Writer’s Digest: “Online Exclusive: Extended Q&A with Ember Reichgott Junge

January 15, 2014: Article in The Mining Journal: “Charter schools turn 20

January 14, 2014: Media Release from Michigan Association of Public School Academies: “Michigan’s Charter School Law Turns 20; Gov. Engler Says, ‘It’s Gratifying to See the Dream Has Become a Reality’” 

November 2013: Book Review of Zero Chance of Passage: “The Education Self” by Midwest Book Review

November 16, 2013: Mention in The Star Tribune: “THE BOOKMARK: Holbrook book spotlights St. Paul community leaders

October 30, 2013: Article in The Huffington Post: “Teaching in Chartering: The Freedom to Be Better

October 24, 2013: Article in The Seattle Times: “The origins of charter schools offer insight for Washington state

October 24, 2013: Article in TVW – “C-SPAN” of Washington State: “TVW interview of Minnesota Senator who wrote nation’s first charter school bill

October 22, 2013: Article in CRPE – Reinventing Public Education: “Washington Education Innovation Forum Presents: Ember Reichgott Junge & Shannon Blankenship

September 25, 2013: Article in Politics in Minnesota – Capitol Report: “Ember Reichgott Junge looks back at Minnesota’s charter school movement

September 16, 2013: Article in The Huffington Post: “Lessons From Chartering: How to Bring Back Policy Innovation and the Bipartisan “Reform Center”

September 2, 2013: Article in The Byron Review: “West Concord charter school opens its doors

August 31, 2013: Article in The San Francisco Examiner and The Washington Examiner: “A backwater called Lake Wobegon: Other states ‘school’ Virginia on charters

August 28, 2013: Article in The Rochester Post Bulletin: “West Concord charter school opening well-attended

August 22, 2013: Article in Watchdog Virginia/Virginia Statehouse News: “Held back: VA charter schools lag as other states move ahead

August 22, 2013: Article in Hechinger Report: “Q & A with Ember Reichgott Junge: How charters started and where they need to go next” by Sarah Butrymowicz

August 18, 2013: Article in Education News: “An Interview with Ember Reichgott Junge: Reflecting on Charter Schools” by Michael F. Shaughnessy

June 18, 2013: Article in The Salt Lake Tribune: “Charter-school pioneer discusses innovative ed movement at Utah conference

June 4, 2013: Press Release titled “Zero Chance of Passage Wins National Third Grand Prize Nonfiction Award

Book Review of Zero Chance of Passage: “Chartering a Course to Change,” by Patrick J. Wolf, Journal of School Choice: International Research & Reform, Volume 7, Issue 2 (current issue), 2013, pp. 249-252, Dr. Wolf is Professor and 21st Century Endowed Chair in School Choice at the University of Arkansas.

May 28, 2013: Press Release from the PR Newswire: “2013 Indie Book Award Winners Announced

May 8, 2013: Article in the Hutchinson Leader: “Book about passage of Minnesota’s groundbreaking charter school legislation honored”

May 5: 2013: Article in Maine Sunday Telegram: “Charter school pioneer visits Maine, will speak at USM


August 7, 2014: Interview on Choice Media TV: “Ember Reichgott Junge Wrote the First Charter School Law

November 6, 2013: Interview on KARE-TV: “All about self publishing books

October 24, 2013: Video from TVW – “C-SPAN” of Washington State: “Impact – Charter School Advice

May 9, 2013: Video from the Wisconsin Eye: “Wisconsin Charter Schools Association Advocacy Day”

April 16, 2013: YouTube video from Duke Law: “Zero Chance of Passage: The Pioneering Charter School Story”

April 11, 2013: Press Conference – North Carolina Public Charter Schools Association: “John Locke Foundation Video of Press Conference: Charter School Application Process” (Ember Reichgott Junge is featured at the 2:40 mark)

February 1, 2013: YouTube video from The Heartland Institute: “Ember Reichgott Junge celebrates National School Choice Week”

January 25, 2013: The Judy Corrao Show – Season 26, Episode 7: “Judy’s guest is author and former MN State Senator Ember Reichgott


September 30, 2013: Radio Interview on WDRC-AM hosted by Mary Jones

September 20, 2013: Radio Interview on WURD hosted by Dr. Richard Cooper

September 4, 2013: Radio Interview on WSVA hosted by Mike Schikman

August 26, 2013: A new look at the charter school movement from MPR News, hosted by Tom Weber of The Daily Circuit

August 14, 2013: Radio Interview on WROK hosted by Riley & Scot

July 31, 2013: Radio Interview on WTKF-FM hosted by Ben Ball

July 29, 2013: Radio Interview on “The Anthony McCarthy Show”

June 2013: Cyrus Webb Presents Author Ember Reichgott Junge 

May 2013Bagnor radio interview

May 2013: Augusta radio interview

January 31, 2013: Heartland Podcast in The Heartland Institute: “Ember Reichgott Junge: Charter School Movement